Entertainment and Sports are here!

The present and future of the E-sport world, based on online games are developing at 42 Maslak.

Online game tournaments such as;Fortnite, Starcraft, League of Legends, FİFA and Counter-Strike,whose global professional leagues are organized have greater effect.

Our Esport Arena with a capacity of 600 people will host Esport events, which will be organized at international standards. Esport with its millions of viewers and gamers world wide, will be the spot for fun thanks to the events organized at 42 Maslak.

Our venue, which opens in 2019 at 42 Maslak will be Europe and Middle East’s biggest and most effective center for Esport. Turkey’s esport will pulsate at 42 Maslak thanks to its advanced audio, light and visual systems, professional studios and production infrastructure.